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Animal Crossing: New Horizon Badges & Magnets Villagers

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Animal Crossing New Horizon badges and magnets (38mm) designed by illustrator Angela Berro. Here you can see the most famous villagers from the latest Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

First select if you want badges or magnets. Then choose which design you want or if you prefer a pack with all the villagers.

As in each country the name of each villager is different, I have put a number in each of the photos, so you can select which sticker you want in case you do not want to buy the complete pack.

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Anyi Creations
Hi! My name is Ángela and I am an illustrator and animator 2D. Since I was a little girl I fell in love with the animation cinema of Studio Ghibli, drawing became a passion that has accompanied me to this day.
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