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Badge and magnet pack of 4 Elements
Badge and magnet drinet
Badge and magnet adhara
Badge and magnet inna
Badge and magnet fayna
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Badge and magnet pack of 4 Elements

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Badge and magnet (38mm) pack of the Angela Berro serie's 4 Elements. 

Badges / magnets included:

  • Inna (Water)
  • Fayna (Fire)
  • Drinet (Air)
  • Adhara (Earth)

About 4 Elements serie

These illustrations are original design. In each illustration I have drawn the strength of each element. I hope you feel the same way I felt when I was drawing each one.

  • Inna is the protector of the oceans and seas. In a world that neglects its waters, Inna is her last protection for the world.
  • Drinet is the protector of the air. In a society that does not take care of its air and increasingly poison the world, Drinet intervenes to maintain balance.
  • Fayna is the protector of the energy and fire. When humanity needs more and more energy and struggles with all its might, Fayna is more necessary than ever.
  • Adhara is the protector of the forests and jungles. In a world of deforestation and pollution, Adhara is her last protector.

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