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Selene - Bookmarks - Handmade

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Selene Bookmarks. Beautiful and original illustrations  inspired by the moon phases by the illustrator Ángela Berro.

Bookmarks available:

  1. Waning Moon
  2. Full Moon
  3. Crescent Moon

You can also choose a pack with everyone!

High-quality bookmark with anti-scratch protection and resistant to water splashes.

Bookmark Dimensions:

  • 15cm x 5cm / 5.9in x 1.9in approx.

* The color and size of the ribbon may vary.

About Selene serie

These illustrations are original design. In each illustration of the Selene series, the illustrator wanted to convey each of the emotions transmitted by each phase of the moon.

Anyi Creations
Hi! My name is Ángela and I am an illustrator and animator 2D. Since I was a little girl I fell in love with the animation cinema of Studio Ghibli, drawing became a passion that has accompanied me to this day.
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